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Rob is a trivia host, actor & comedian living in LA. He has been hosting trivia for over eight years, including almost six with Hi Tops in San Francisco and Los Angeles, where he developed original questions and honed his ability to host an awesome game of trivia. He may be lenient when it comes to spelling, but don't think that means you can sweet-talk your way into overturning a wrong answer.

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Everyday Steps to Take to Improve Virtual Team Bonding

There are a thousand team-building activities out there, but team bonding should be a regular exercise, not just a one-off. Here's how to keep it top of mind.

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How to Build a Collaborative Remote Team

When it comes to remote work, the key is communication, infrastructure & culture. Check out these tips for building a more collaborative remote team.

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5 Virtual Onboarding Activities to Keep New Hires Engaged

If your process for remote onboarding looks a lot like your process for in-person onboarding, you're missing some critical factors to excel at new-hire orientation and get employees excited about work.

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How to Virtually Celebrate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in a Remote World

Promoting diversity and inclusion in a virtual environment is hard. Here are some ways to overcome the barriers of virtual interaction and make it work.

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7 of the Best Interactive Virtual Team Building Activities

There was no shortage of team-building activities before lockdown set in, and as the world moved to virtual interactions, new parameters brought a host of new opportunities (bye-bye more trust falls, hello virtual escape rooms). We cut through the noise to bring you the top seven (maybe eight) virtual team-building activities out there.

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How to Host a Virtual Event: A Newbie-Friendly Guide to Getting Started

Hosting a virtual event is hard, and while the world may be slowly reopening, they're here to stay. If you're interested in hosting a virtual event but not sure where to start, this newbie-friendly guide is for you.

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A Definitive Ranking of the Best Digital Trivia Tools

Looking to host or play some virtual trivia? You've got a lot of options out there. Luckily, we've taken the top players and ranked them based on a small number of criteria so you can pick the best tool for your next virtual trivia party.

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How to Host a Virtual Trivia Night

Hosting a virtual trivia night? We've got all the tools you need to recruit players, plan your questions, and make sure the event is a smashing success.

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Say Hello to Hedgehog Trivia

How did Hedgehog trivia get started? After a few too many clunky virtual trivia experiences held together with multiple products, duct tape, and hope, we set out to build a solution that would combine video conferencing and interactive gameplay to simulate the true pub experience (minus the scent of stale beer and Axe body spray).

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