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Say Hello to Hedgehog Trivia

Rob Warner

"Not another Zoom happy hour." That’s what a lot of us have probably thought at one point or another. Now don’t get me wrong, virtual happy hours have been a vital part of surviving the pandemic we are in. They’ve made it possible to have some interaction between members outside of regular work conversations. But as social distancing has dragged on, it’s safe to say they’ve gotten a bit stale. Luckily, some creative alternatives have sprouted up. Who would have imagined you could visit a goat farm, take a group bartending class, or join a book club with Margaret Atwood all over Zoom? And surprisingly, these all work pretty well! But there’s one team-building event that it turns out is pretty difficult to do over Zoom without some serious effort and planning: Virtual Trivia. 

Just consider what you need to piece together. Zoom to get everyone talking. Easy. Then you need to split people into teams. Zoom breakout rooms can work here, but then you can’t hear the host read the questions. So you need to give people the questions some other way. Maybe a Google Form? Easy to set up, but what about grading the answers? And who’s going to calculate the scores?! And then how do you display all these results to everyone quickly?? Hope you didn’t make a math error along the way!

After going through several of these, it was pretty clear that we could build a product that could do a much better job. We also realized that a professional host delivering the questions and engaging the players could take the experience to another level. So Eric and I joined forces and the result is Hedgehog Trivia! Were there a lot of experiments to nail the gameplay? You bet. Was it easy to get the audio and video working just right? Absolutely not. But, through a lot of trial and error during early games, we’ve built an experience that we’re sure you’re going to enjoy.

So if you’re looking for a great way to engage your team (or want a fun experience for your next party), let us host a virtual trivia event for you that will get everyone thinking, laughing, and interacting with each other, even when they can’t be together in person.

Rob & Eric

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