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Just a Bunch of Folks Who Like Trivia

With backgrounds in building companies, hosting trivia, and having fun.

Rob Warner

Co-founder & Quizmaster

Rob is a trivia host, actor & comedian living in LA. He has been hosting trivia for over eight years, including almost six with Hi Tops in San Francisco and Los Angeles, where he developed original questions and honed his ability to host an awesome game of trivia. He may be lenient when it comes to spelling, but don't think that means you can sweet-talk your way into overturning a wrong answer.

Eric Bouck

Co-founder & Tech Genius

Eric is a 3-time entrepreneur sheltering in place in Squaw Valley, CA until this damn pandemic subsides. He has done a lot of things in the technology industry over the years but is most excited to be building software to help make remote work a richer experience. Also, he has now gained a full appreciation for what a pain delivering audio and video over the web can be.

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Meet our Hosts

Each of our hosts comes to Hedgehog Trivia with an extensive background in trivia. They may be friendly, but don't mistake that for weakness when trying to overturn a wrong answer.
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